B. S. O.


01. Forgetful Heart (Bod Dylan)
02. Life Is Hard (Bob Dylan)
03. Sweeping The Floor (Bob Dylan)
04. Bumble Bee (Bob Dylan)
05. Jane’s Lament (Bob Dylan)
06. Joey’s Theme (Bob Dylan)
07. Preludes, Opus 28 #6 in b Minor (Chopin) (Ron Eaton)
08. I Feel A Change Coming On (Bob Dylan)
09. Driving South (Bob Dylan)
10. What Good Am I (Bob Dylan) (Georges Drakoulias)
11. What Good Am I (Bob Dylan) (Forest Whitaker)
12. Back Alley (Bob Dylan)
13. Snow Falling (Bob Dylan)
14. Billie #30 (Bob Dylan)
15. Chopin Nocturne 7
16. Precious Angel (Bob Dylan) (Renee Zellweger)
17. Road Weary (Bob Dylan)
18. Click Clack (Bob Dylan)
19. Life Is Hard (Bob Dylan) (instrumental)
20. Robbie Robert’s Lament (Bob Dylan)
21. Me And The Devil Blue (Robert Johnson)
22. New Orleans Drums (Bob Dylan)
23. Janet’s Step (Bob Dylan)
24. Late Night Blues For Leroy Carr (Source Music)
25. Preludes, Opus 28 #4 in e Minor (Chopin) (Ron Eaton)
26. I Believe In You (Don Sparks)
27. Swingin’ (Bob Dylan)
28. Bob Dylan – Blues Club (Playback) (Bob Dylan)
29. This Land Is Your Land (Renee Zellweger)
30. It’s All Good (Bob Dylan)
31. East Texas (Bob Dylan)
32. The Bourbon Street Stompers – Down By The Riverside
33. What Good Am I (Bob Dylan) (Georges Darkoulias)
34. Preludes, Opus 28 #15 in Db Major (Chopin) (Ron Eaton)
35. Life Is Hard (Bob Dylan) (Renee Zellweger)
36. Beyond Here Lies Nothing (Bob Dylan)